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Record Intervention by Japan: Supporting the Yen's Strength
Japan revealed on Tuesday that it made record-breaking foreign exchange market interventions in October, selling dollars worth 6.35 trillion yen ($48 billion) to boost the yen. The intervention was brought on by the yen's sharp decline to a 32-year low of 151.94 to the dollar in October, according to the quarterly statistics. Since 2003, when it sold a record-breaking 12.3 trillion yen in a single month, this is Japan's largest intervention.
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Why are Tech Stocks so Volatile – A Breakdown
Tech stock volatility has become a key element of the financial market throughout the digital age, although the sector has avoided the type of crash that characterised the boom (and bust) at the turn of the century. Certainly, the tech-led Nasdaq index has remained volatile throughout the coronavirus pandemic and beyond, while it endured one of its worst years in living memory in 2022. But why exactly are big tech stocks like Amazon, Apple and Microsoft so volatile, and what does the future hold for this highly lucrative and changeable market niche.
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Eurozone Desperately Battles Against Devastating Recession
Foreign exchange analysts and financial strategists are optimistic about the outlook for the euro, stating that Europe is attempting to prevent its economy from slipping into a recessionary cycle, while other global financial markets outside of European countries paying in the European currency, the euro (EUR), are entering a year of uncertainty against a backdrop of changing economic data and monetary policy. These analysts note that a number of factors affecting the euro are still very volatile, so it would be premature to speak of major stability in the exchange value of the euro at this time.
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After Fed Officials Push For Slower Growth, The US Dollar Declines
The US dollar is headed for a new low for the year as dovish remarks from Federal Reserve members and weak economic data point to a potential slowdown in the central bank's rate hikes. The euro was among the Group of 10's top gainers on Monday as the USD Spot Index plummeted as much as 0.3%, approaching its lowest level since April of last year. Before a slew of speakers on Monday, including the president of the European Central Bank, the single currency of Europe rose as high as 0.7% to $1.0927.
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The Euro Zone May Face Problems Due to Lower Inflation
The recent peaceful admission of Croatia into the euro zone has contributed to the emergence of a new common thinking about the euro currency. Many believes that, thanks to the fact, that the currency functions perfectly, the 2011 euro crisis is a distant memory. Unfortunately, things are not quite as bright as they seem.
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The dollar is losing steam and will keep falling in value
The US currency began to gasp for air. The trend has already changed, and investors are moving money away from the dollar and into other currencies and economies as a result of the impending recession. Analysts predict a strengthening of the euro.
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Japanese Yen Rises as Investors Watch for Potential Dollar Decline
As traders pondered the danger of further technical strength despite light holiday trading, the yen began 2023 with small gains on Monday. In the opening hours of Tokyo trading, the Japanese yen increased by as much as 0.3% to 130.77 per dollar. Chart analysts believe that a close below the dollar-August yen's low of 130.41 would invite additional losses in the pair.
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E8 Funding, the Most Prominent Forex Trading Firm Since 2021
It was not long ago when the proprietary firm in the forex trading market wasn’t much popular but the scenario has changed radically in past few years since the forex traders also took the benefits of funded accounts provided by forex prop firms. During the way, 2021 paved it differently with E8 Funding appearing in the market. E8funding's participation to fund traders has impacted the prop industry quite boldly, although you won’t see them igniting people with fake promises of overnight success.
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Happy Holidays & Happy New Year
A warm THANK YOU to our readers and subscribers for your continued support this year. 2022 was another great year Fx Trading Revolution and we look forward to 2023. We are excited to keep delivering many more FREE Forex trading resources and to continue helping traders in their quest for success in the markets. Breaking the truth about Forex and investing via more eye-opening content and by publishing real reviews of Forex brokers remains our top priority. We know that there is a lot of content online that doesn’t have the best interest of traders in mind. Fx Trading Revolution is here to help traders find the truth and only get real Fx trader advice and products.