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1.0672 1.0623 1.0574
1.2241 1.2174 1.2107
1.1973 1.1906 1.1839
134.57 133.45 132.33
130.10 128.98 127.86
0.7112 0.7058 0.7004
0.6896 0.6842 0.6788
0.9374 0.9324 0.9275
0.9176 0.9127 0.9077
1.3539 1.3495 1.3450
1.3361 1.3316 1.3272


FX Articles
Record Intervention by Japan: Supporting the Yen's Strength
Japan revealed on Tuesday that it made record-breaking foreign exchange market interventions in October, selling dollars worth 6.35 trillion yen ($48 billion) to boost the yen. The intervention was brought on by the yen's sharp decline to a 32-year low of 151.94 to the dollar in October, according to the quarterly statistics. Since 2003, when it sold a record-breaking 12.3 trillion yen in a single month, this is Japan's largest intervention.
Indicators & EA
The HMA Histo Signal trading Indicator for MT4
The HMA Histo trading indicator is an algorithm based on the operation of several moving averages, in which the delay of signals is excluded. This indicator is presented in the lower window of the price chart in the form of a colored histogram with vertical levels, with the help of which it determines not only the direction of the current market trend, but and its strength, and accordingly this information about the market allows opening and closing certain trades on the signal candle. The indicator is very effective, and at the same time it is not difficult to use and therefore will suit traders with different levels of preparedness.
Indicators & EA
The Recursive CCI Trading Indicator for MT5
Recursive CCI is a modification version of the standard forex CCI indicator. This trading algorithm is designed to determine the current trend and trade during its active, that is, strong phase. It is represented in the lower window of the price chart in the form of four lines: three signal and one base, which, depending on the direction of the current trend, is painted in a certain color. All lines move in a certain direction and cross each other. All indicative factors of the indicator are the main determinants of the direction of the current market trend.
Indicators & EA
The FX PERCEPTRON BOT Expert Advisor for Metatrader5
FX_PERCEPTRON_BOT is an automatic trading algorithm that makes trades in the Forex market without the participation of a trader. This Expert Advisor is designed for trading the EURUSD currency pair. This is a fairly recent development in the Forex environment. We have tested it and provide you with a full review of this EA. In the guide for the bot, the developers of this algorithm claim that the FX_PERCEPTRON_BOT uses self-learning neural networks as a filter when evaluating a clustered slice of the market. The main computing power of the system is taken out to external sources, so FX_PERCEPTRON_BOT is connected to its servers in real time. In this regard, when installing an expert, you should add the url address of its server in the Metatrader 5 settings.
Indicators & EA
The Trade the Market Squeeze indicator for MT5
Trade the Market Squeeze, also known as TTMS, is a histogram whose calculations are based on the functioning of two standard Forex indicators, Bollinger Bands and Keltner Channel. This indicator is used to determine the current trading zone and open trades during the presence of a certain trend. It is presented in the bottom the price chart window in the form of a colored histogram, with a level of 0, which, in turn, is also painted in a certain color when it is possible to open a certain trade. Taking into account the histogram indicators, it can be easily determined the direction of the current market movement and opened trades in the same direction.
Indicators & EA
The RSI Dual Arrow Trading Indicator for MT5
RSI Dual Arrow is a modified and improved version of the effective Forex RSI indicator included in its standard set. The indicator, like its standard version, can be used to determine the current market trend and open trades during this period, while also suitable for determining the market in the overbought zone or oversold. At the same time, not only the current trend is highlighted in the indicator window, but also the moment at which it is needed to open and close a trade. Thus, this trading algorithm is not only very effective, but also easy to use. It is displayed in the lower window of the price chart in the form of two intersecting lines, at the moment of their intersection an arrow appears, the direction and color of which will determine the opening or closing of trades.
FX Articles
Why are Tech Stocks so Volatile – A Breakdown
Tech stock volatility has become a key element of the financial market throughout the digital age, although the sector has avoided the type of crash that characterised the boom (and bust) at the turn of the century. Certainly, the tech-led Nasdaq index has remained volatile throughout the coronavirus pandemic and beyond, while it endured one of its worst years in living memory in 2022. But why exactly are big tech stocks like Amazon, Apple and Microsoft so volatile, and what does the future hold for this highly lucrative and changeable market niche.
Indicators & EA
The Range Oscillator Bands Trend trading indicator for MT5
The Range Oscillator Bands is a developed trading algorithm based on the functioning of two effective indicators Range Oscillator and Bollinger Bands. The indicator was created to determine the current market trend and open certain trades in this period. It is represented in the lower window of the price chart in the form of four lines: a namely three Bollinger Bands and one Range Oscillator line. All indicator lines intersect each other and move in a certain direction. And it is these indicator factors that serve as the main ones in trading to determine the current trend and trade during this period.

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